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Su carb throttle shaft bushings

su carb throttle shaft bushings Thanks to all for your assistance. The reason to replace them is that false air can be sucked in through the space created between the shaft and the bushings after many years. Throttle Shaft Bushings 5/16 Carburetor Brass 12 5/16 id 3/8 od 1/2" length. Applications: All Rochester Q-Jet carburetors Throttle Shaft Bushings 5/16 Carburetor Brass 12 5/16 id 3/8 od 1/2" length. Jun 22, 2012 · Su throttle shafts are generally worn out unless a bigger company has refurbished them. 92) Arp 400-2401 standard 5/16 ss carburetor stud kit(US $20. 010 or more of wear, it is time to add bushings to the throttle body. Major carb rebuild kit 62-74 SU brand major kit does both carburetors. If the old shafts aren't too worn, the bushings probably aren't too worn, and new shafts will go a long way to stopping vacuum leaks. Dec 20, 2016 · The shafts,and bushings only wear on one side of the bore/shaft, that is, the side they are pulled down on by there linkage. 4. Automotive BUSHING KIT, CARB LINKAGE. 22. 3720"/3100" AND 3130"/3080". As a test, he can try to sync the carbs, and/or spray carb cleaner to see if it is still sucking air. Step 1 –The new parts Products in Category SU Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Reamer This special reamer is designed to open up worn 5/16" throttle shaft bushings to accept. Completely rebuilt including new throttle shafts and plates, new Teflon throttle shaft bushings, jets, float valves and gaskets. 17053852 Carburetor air leaks, typically known as vacuum leaks, can be one of the most baffling repair problems to solve. 010" oversize, then you need to install bushings in the throttle body to restore original bore size. 60 USD. Availability: In stock and ready to ship ! More details  MIKUNI THROTTLE SHAFT REBUILD KIT FOR SUPER BN 46MM - THROTTLE PLATE, SHAFT, SCREWSM BUSHINGS, SEALS, CLIP. Two required per Here we have generic throttle shaft bushings which are also known as butterfly shaft bearings. Apr 29, 2009 · The second problem is the throttle shaft wears out the carb body where it passes through on each side, causing bad idle. Rebuilding consists of New: Throttle shafts & bushings, Throttle discs, nozzels are rebuilt with new jet tubes, upgraded nozzel to float bowl fuel hoses with upgraded hose clamps, meetering needles, floats, float valves & pivot pins, air piston return springs & all SU H Series - $495/pair SU HD Series - $545/pair SU HS Series - $495/pair SU HIF Series - $495/pair Zenith- Stromberg - $495/pair RE-BUSHING ONLY- Re-bushing and New Throttle Shaft - $85/each NEEDLES AND JETS - CALL or EMAIL 631-369-9515, email: info@applehydraulics. All carbs Foreign or Domestic are dismantled and properly cleaned to bring back the original finish, throttle shaft bushings are installed and all warped surfaces are resurfaced to provide a perfect seal, All our carbs receive the highest quality parts available and in most cases upgrading of the original accelerator pump is provided to work with today’s fuels. to allow an exact alignment of the bushings we are about to bore into the carb bodies. Sudco Carburetor Needle Shims For Mikuni Carbs - 009-395 Part #: 173688 Mfg Part #: 009-395 $ 26. ZTherapy (ZT) "SERVICE SS" REMANUFACTURED CARBS SU carbs are completely BUT, the shaft rotates inside the alloy carb housing and it wears the whole oblong. Likely (I would hope to gawd) the LA Carb "Overhaul" for that price would be the Z Therapy Carb set, and labor to install/tune them! Order Carburetor Brackets & Linkage for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Even in the older Type 53 slide-valve carbs and the even earlier /2 carbs, the slide valve wears negligibly. I sent the SU HS2 carb bodies to Joe Curto and they were just returned to me. This rebuild kit contains, amongst others, the following parts to service 1 carburettor, as depicted in the photograph:Elaborate gasket kit Pump diaphragm Needle valve Various washers and o-rings Throttle return spring Throttle Shaft Bushings 2 Throttle valves 4 Throttle valve screws Please compare your old parts Oct 28, 2020 · Master repair kit for twin HS2 carbs, as fitted to many classic Mini Cooper models; includes throttle shafts, bushings, butterflies, jets, float needle/seats, and gaskets/seals Carb Service Kit, HS2, Single (CSK51) Sep 18, 2018 · Either/both bushings installed and reamed in the carb and/or new throttle shafts, sometimes oversized; this type repair has been SOP for going on a hundred years. With linkage sets available for triple-carb systems to dual quad set-ups and everything in between, you can be sure to find the exact match for your unique assembly. 700 oal(US $16. 55mm TRIUMPH 372-545 Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Description Set of 4 su hs4 carburetter shaft bushings for standard size shafts moss motors part brass. If the old shafts aren’t too worn, the bushings probably aren’t too worn, and new shafts will go a long way to stopping vacuum leaks. These carburetors are switched back and forth by the boat repair people, so don’t assume you have the original carburetor. , on my L28/E88/SU, with good carbs, I'm at about 2. Final assembly takes place using new seals and gaskets, new jets and needles, new float valves and new floats if needed. For 4000, 4600, 4610. 2 years ago by shiparino. New throttle shafts fitted into newly installed bushings restores the air flow through the carb, forcing all air to pass over the bridge. 38 Harley Davidson 25599-37, 1937-48 Flathead Cam Gear Bushing Ironhorse wrote:I have to believe that someone like George, Rick (BillieandMillie) or Lurker Carl have run across carb bodies with excessively worn throttle shaft bores and have performed the machining necessary to fabricate install a bushing. com or you could try www. The throttle shafts on the Bing CV carbs have always been replaceable. 320 (vs. Home Products Early Sidecar Carburetor Harley Davidson 27290-24, 1245-24 1924-65 Schebler/Linkert Throttle Shaft Bushings. Island Automotion Ltd. Joe installed the brass bushings in the bodies along with new throttle shafts. 55 Jan 29, 2000 · Check the throttle linkage for free movement and unscrew the throttle adjusting screw on each carb until it is just clear of the throttle lever with the throttle closed. Rebuilt to factory new condition with all metal parts replated in Cad yellow finish. com-as far as worn throttle bodies go you can slip tiny o-rings on both ends of the throttle shaft on the outside,that's what i did on mine,and it worked fine. US company providing US manufactured parts with excellent before and after sale service. Our carbs did need to be freshened, though, and we did that ourselves. Car Aluminium Throttle Cable Carb Bracket Carburetor for Holley 4150 4160 Black The bodies are fitted with new throttle-shaft bushings and standard shafts. com  Worn throttle shafts and carburettor bodies cause bad idle and uneven running. Vacuum leaks due to worn bodies and shafts cause rough idle, poor performance and poor fuel economy. Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing. Jul 29, 2013 · In any case your best bet would be to take the carb off and remove the throttle shaft to inspect it. NEW-never used. The carb responds reliably and easily to adjustment, and holds that adjustment over time. MGB Throttle shaft, std size 62-71 MGB Throttle shaft bushing 62-74 Also for 75-80 cars that have been converted to SU carburetors. Nylon Material: R108-118, N6. offers complete overhaul and rebuilding services for SU carburetors, and Zenith and Stromberg carburetors, as fitted to Volvo, MG, Triumph, Jaguar and other vintage automobiles. 3125" internal diameter ream body to 9. +. joecurto. This isn't for the novice machinist. E. With triple Stromberg or SU carburetors the fuel mileage is generally in the mid 20's and the performance is fantastic with instant acceleration and smooth power throughout the rpm range. Shipping costs are always combined for multiple purchases. I found a DIY They make SU carbs and can sell you all the individual bits! So might  9 Jan 2019 Refurbishing & Rebushing Twin HS2 SU Carbs clean these twins up and then he's going to show me how to rebush the throttle shafts. Position the seals* so that the sealing face is in contact with the carburetter body. 95 $8. vintagespeed. 78) Fuel Smell Diagnosis; Fuel Sep 22, 2020 · Throttle shaft and bushing condition are paramount to tuning an SU, and there are three common solutions for fixing worn parts. For SU carburetors only. 00 Accelerator Shaft Bushing Kit, Nylatron, TR250-TR6, Spit MK1-3, GT6 SKU: 2651 $ 29. There is the usual wear on the throttle shaft and its bushings, so rebuilding is needed. Air intake leaks around the carburetor, especially at the throttle body (base), can go undetected because another system usually gets blamed for an engine miss, sporadic rpm behavior, stalling and sometimes Jaguar E-Type Series II Throttle Bushing C34388. Extra bushings are available - use the tool over and over again. There is very little or no noticeable clearance of shaft to bushing in the two bodies. Also, throttle plate thickness is 1. Lots of possibilities. 1001 Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit – Holley #1001 Add to cart. If it is worn carb shafts/bushings causing the problem then you are back to the little-bit-of-90wt around the throttle shaft ends to see if it suddenly improves. Replacing the throttle shafts in an SU HS2 Carb from a Triumph Spifire Mk2 (1966). Apr 30, 2007 · su carbs are very forgiving, unlike a fixed jet carb going too big doesnt have much of a down side as given the correct springs they wil only open as far as needed so they wont suffer really low airspeed and poor performance compaireed to say a oversized weber or one with excessively big chokes in it Brass bushings sold individually by size for repairing the throttle shaft bore on carburetors. Basicaly a bushing pressed over the boss putting the new shaft bearing external of the carb. Part Number: CCR5213 carburetor-midget 1500. Use the bar stock to drive out the old bushings. Wondering if this is a viable option Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit Rochester Quadrajet More with 5 16 Shaft | eBay Thanks. HS6 carburetor . To repair it the throttle base would have to be reamed and custom bushings installed. Turn the screw clockwise one full turn on both carbs. Proper maintenance involves a drop of thick oil at that spot every few thousand miles to prevent wear, but no one ever bothered to do it, so most are totally shot by now. 95 (2) Moose Carb Repair Kit - 1003-0652 Part #: Kohler 25-158-11-S Throttle Linkage Bushing (Pack of 2) 4. They are specifically for throttle shafts with an outside diameter of 8 mm. SU HD8 Carburetor Throttle Shaft 011-188. Linkert throttle shaft bushings are constructed of high-strength nylon for ease of installation. Datsun 240Z & 260Z SU Hitachi Rebuilt Carb. Jaguar E-Type Throttle Slave Shaft C18937. 1/2" in length. or Best Offer. By sealing the Carb "boss" to the throttle quadrant, the shaft to bushing area is effectively sealed for a test. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. It is not recommended for zinc dicast reaming. 001" where the shaft emerges from the bushing. 002", out at the shaft's threads. . 010" oversize  3 May 2000 Rebushing carburetor bodies and fitting new throttle shafts is a major part of Any appreciable play indicates wear on the bushings and shafts. When the throttle shaft bushings wear, the carbs will gradually become lean. 310), align ream is . 2 Throttle shaft bushings It consists of the number 2, 3 and 4 in the drawing. SKU: AUD2424. 5 CARB'S THAT I  Generic Throttle Shaft Bushings 8 mm. 1 Carburetor Throttle Shaft Part Number: 35-9062 Application: 1936-1954 G1937-1948 UL1937-1942 WL Details: 1 Carburetor Throttle Shaft UOM: EA Country of Origin: USA more info $25. made in Italy. Stay with 8mm shafts or have some 8. Find the best price We can price match in most cases on these brands CALL 253-833-4106 or Email The HIF-6 was designed as a “Horizontal Integral Float” carburetor to reduce pollution from evaporative emissions. 114-424 This is the brass (yellow) butterfly, a 1998 ZTherapy Stainless Steel throttle shaft, and new machine cap screws. Twin 1 1/4" SU carbs were stock on Cooper S and most Spridgets and are popular If you have never done your throttle shafts, jets, etc- it is probably past due! 4 Dec 2013 Two methods of repair are given to restore carburetor throttle shaft holes. Despite being decades old, it is still sealed in its original packaging. 97 Genuine Bush - Accelerator linkage. Just added a I've had airhead carb shaft/bushing wear similar to these throttle bodies. Oct 16, 2020 · Please measure your throttle shaft to make sure you order the correct size. Whether you're running a single 4 barrel carburetor or two 4 barrel carbs on a blower, JEGS has the carburetor and throttle linkage tubes and kits to help you set up and adjust your throttle linkage. #140-46x2 Back to 15/1600 SU CARB. 23 May 2014 The use of the PTFE bushings and the harder composition of the new genuine SU throttle shafts have all but eliminated this problem. 99. 78) Fuel Pressure Regulator (Driveline Jun. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. 5 out of 5 stars 12. THE "JOE CURTO" REAMERS ARE MARKED. neck each(US $79. Carburetor REBUILD (for MGA) -- CB-210C Installing Bushings in the throttle body. + Zenith Stromberg Carburetors completely disassembled and cleaned. However, feel free to contact our technical assistance if you have any questions. This special reamer is designed to open up worn 5/16" throttle shaft bushings to accept . The throttle bushing is used on the throttle shaft and are generally not included in any kit. $475. 40 Throttle Shaft Bushing URO Parts 90142322700 +$9. bushings. SU Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Reamer. All SU Carburetors include new throttle shafts and bushings. 010" Oversize . 00 Folded Coupler, Carb Shaft Did you know that when rebuilding the later HIF4 carburetors, you can replace the throttle shaft bushings by driving them out with a 3/8" round bar stock available at many hardware stores for around $5. The ones on my TR6 have 25k miles on them *after* being rebuilt, and they had at least 70k before that. If there’s any change when you spray WD 40 on it at idle, there’s a problem. 97heaven. Regular price $35 Bushing, SU Throttle Shaft. 8 out of 5 stars 146. Leather throttle shaft seal used on some Rochester 2G and Holley 885, 1901 carburetors. 00 for the pair, equipped with any needle profile required for your engine. Jan 29, 2015 · On mine there was a boss that was turned on the OD concentric to the worn shaft bore. INNER DIAMETER 8MM. US made. Rebushing carburetor bodies and fitting new throttle shafts is a major part of a proper carb rebuild that is often overlooked. Mar 01, 2014 · One mistake that inexperienced “rebuilders” make is to put new shafts into old bushings. $39. I have tried this for my Spitfire carbs and I am not having as much good luck. I. 28 Apr 2017 Replacing the throttle shafts in an SU HS2 Carb from a Triumph Spifire Mk2 ( 1966). 312 standard size shafts enough to bush a pair of carbs for mgb mg TRIUMPH VOLVO AUSTIN -healey and others bore your shafts eliminate air leaks international shipping available. 3/8 id, 7/16 od. 323 (vs. 65 Quantity MG TC NEW Carburetor SU 1 and 1/4 Pair These are for TB or TC new from the SU factory. Sep 04, 2020 · Designed for 3/8 throttle shaft repair. UP FOR AUTION IS A SET OF "JOE CURTO" SU CARBURATOR PILOTED REAMERS FOR REPLACING THE STOCK DIAMETER THROTTLE SHAFT BUSHINGS ON SU CARBURATORS. THERE IS ALSO A BUSHING INSTALLATION TOOL AND A 5/16 REAMER FOR OVERSIZE BUSHINGS. Without a run-out mike this might be difficult to measure, so estimate anything over 1/32″ in sideways action. When the needles and seats controlling fuel flow wear, the carbs will gradually richen. 3 product ratings - NEW HOLLEY CARBURETOR THROTTLE SHAFT SERVICE KIT W/ FORD A/T 386-385 SU Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Reamer|This special reamer is designed to open up worn 5/16" throttle shaft bushings to accept . Carburetors include new jets, needles, piston springs, float valves, float bowl grommets SU HD8 Carburetor Teflon Throttle Shaft Bushing AUD2424. and you will see if you need a new shaft or not. Carburetors . The bushings and shafts can be replaced, but it requires some machining. These "bushings" are made by simply cutting the . U. Strombergs are cheap to rebuild if the throttle shaft bushings aren't oval and the fixed jets aren't worn out. Good Parts’ improved linkage assembly uses bronze bushings, new ball joints and an adjustable stop to eliminate play and provide smooth accelerator Brass drift punch used to remove throttle shaft bushings on John Deere A, B, D, and G Marvel Schebler model carburetors only. When the throttle shaft gets worn and leaks vacuum, then the best solution is to install bushings. An 8mm x 13mm x 3. 500 in. Water-choke Strombergs receive shafts/bushings as needed. Here is one of the home-made "bushings" partially installed in the baseplate. Some links to pieces/parts mentioned in video: Harbor Freight Engine Brush Aug 08, 2011 · When the butterfly is completely closed, the side-to-side movement of the throttle shaft is restricted because the butterfly is a tight fit in the carb bore. Such shafts will seem “tight” because the carb body is unworn, but because there’s no bushing to support the rest of the shaft, it will wear quickly. $115 per carburetor: SU and Zienith Stromberg - Carburetor bodies re-bushed - New Standard size shafts installed (so all your shaft hardware will fit smoothly) - Send just throttle bodies with old shafts, butterflies, and throttle stops MG Midget S. 96 (5) Yost Performance Stainless Idle Air Adjusting Screw for Check the throttle shaft slop- this is the most common place for wear on an SU, and is often where air/vacumn leaks occur. Used to repair worn throttle shaft housings. You will probably find that it needs new shafts rather than bushings. Other than this problem, there aren't a whole lot of reasons why the Cub carburetors can't be salvaged Feb 12, 2004 · the hamb's own hotrodjosh runs www. The most likely problem with your current SU carbs is the wear that takes place on the throttle shaft bushings. and then carefully replace them with new. A small amount of leakage can be tolerated, the car just won’t idle as evenly. When the throttle shaft is too loose it will cause a vacuum leak, which will make the engine idle rough. If these bushings are worn, synchronization is difficult or impossible to achieve since there will be a vacuum leak past the bushings. MGA Parts | MGB Parts | MGC Parts | MG Midget Parts | MG TC Parts | MG TD Parts | MG TF Parts | TR Parts | Triumph Parts | Jag Parts | Jaguar Parts | Sunbeam Parts | Mini Parts | Miata Parts | Austin Healey Parts | Tops | British Car Books | Workshop manuals on CD-rom | Motolita | Pertronix | Pertronix custom wire sets | Gunson | Halogen Bulbs | Wind Kit includes new throttle shaft, bushings, butterfly (without bleed valve), . SU, SU Hitachi, Zenith & Zenith Stromberg carburetor rebuilding & restoration SU Carb Parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & throttle shaft bushings  I. Unfortunately unlike most carburetors, the WW wears out the shaft instead of the throttle body. Ford Carburetor Kit, Comprehensive - Contains all parts necessary for major overhaul (less throttle shaft and float). Wondering if the sync problem is other than the shaft though. An 'overhaul kit' likely won't do anything for you. 5 turns out from stall. My wife's L24/E88/SU, with worn-out throttle shaft bushings, has to be set at about  TR250 TR6 Triple SU Hitachi Kit Zenith Fuel Systems has designed and Stromberg carb parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & bushings (Brass Oil- lite  Replace your worn or rotted rubber accelerator shaft bushings with Good Parts Nylatron bushings for precise throttle control. the store has been setup that way in automated Throttle Lever Ball Stud 5/16 Carburetor New 22-70 Ball Stud Connector with Nut. This tech note is intended to make rebuilders of the SU Carbs aware of a subtle If you put an earlier throttle plate in a later carb, the throttle shaft will be turned  Quadrajet Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushings - Carburetor Parts & Kits for Rochester, Carter, Holley, Edelbrock, Ford Motorcraft QJet, 4G, 2G, Mercarb Marine,  Our Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit for Holley carburetors restores your throttle SKU: 1001 Categories: Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing, Performance Carburetors . The other Mercarb kit has a 90 bend at the top of the accelerator pump. Bushings 5/16 , 8mm, 3/8 shafts If you're rebuilding your own carb, you will need to have the throttle shafts rebushed. Use a carburetor cleaning solvent. 06 RETURN SPRING, 2+2 ACCELERATOR PEDAL DROP ARM $22. How did you back cut the reamer? SU HD8 Carburetor Teflon Throttle Shaft Bushing AUD2424. com. Click HERE for an exploded view drawing of the Solex PAI carburetor. Add To Wishlist. ***if you have to tune your carbs 2 times a month or hard to tune *** Carburetor Swap Tech Day 1 Z-S to 2 SU HS4 (May 8, 2004) Carburetor Tuning (CMGBC Dec. Water choke Strombergs receive shafts/bushings as needed. Feb 28, 2013 · And what would be the ideal shaft to bore clearance to keep it from vacuum leak but smooth operation. Air Box, Dual Stromberg 175CD, TR250, TR6 Bushing for Throttle Shaft 09-001C $2. 370-396 $179. Now, don’t discount the throttle shaft being bad. Also offering Reman service for Volvo B18/B20 (HS 6) Please go to the Master Price list for pricing . 8 inches in length. To use them you need to ream out the old bushings and then press in the new ones which is something for a specialist. Strombergs with brass shafts receive new shafts and bushings. Throttle plates are inspected for wear and replaced if necessary, as are the jet bearings and other moving parts. It's a little more, about 0. 125". 35 mm 1 reamer 8 Bushings: Throttle Ball Joints - Amazon . 1952-72 . 5 out of 5 stars 29. 5/16 id, 3/8 od. Because they have replaceable Teflon-impregnated throttle shaft bushings, which greatly reduce throttle shaft wear, they don’t seem to suffer from as many maladies as the earlier Types H, HD, and HS carburetors. Qty: Attaches throttle pedal housing to firewall May 10, 2017 · Background The throttle spindle is a tricky compromise in carburettor design. com YEAR MODEL CARB TYPE 1958-62 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite H1 1953-56 Austin Solex PAI Carburetor Parts and Service Kits. View; List; Grid $ 119. Also I found this kit off ebay that looks to be a homade kit using valve guide repair sleeves. Tear it down and have a look though - the shafts are brass and the throttle base is cast iron. The solution is to get a carburetor kit and rebuild the carburetor and test the float. It could be worn enough to require bushings. Santa Cruz, CA, USA USA. 95 4 MV Quadrajet Carburetor Electric Choke Conversion Universal 1972 - 78 Chev Buick Olds Pontiac Stromberg Carburetors 9581K-LZ - Stromberg Throttle Shaft and Lever Kits Throttle Shaft and Lever, Push to Open Style, Bushings, Screws, Stromberg, 97, Each Part Number: SBC-9581K-LZ Registered Office: Burlen Ltd, Spitfire House, Castle Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3SB Registered in England and Wales Registration Number: 2005550 VAT Number: GB 423 5232 84 Aluminum bushing driver 12 Throttle shaft screws (for Quadrajet, Dualjet carbs only) Complete instructions included. The 4 screw carbs are more difficult to get the throttle shaft out. 312) and roll pin drill is . Throttle Position Sensors: EGR Valves: Other Carb Parts and Services : Base Adaptors: Rebush Throttle Shaft : Gaskets EFE Base Gaskets Rethread Fuel Inlet . Hot This Week. Kohler used to sell a bushing/shaft kit for the K/Magnum series, as far as I know they're all NLA. This tool is designed for use on Quadrajet and Holley Throttle Bodies. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SOLEX Carburetor 34 Pict-3 Repair Bushes Bushing for Throttle Shaft Screws at the best online  3 Mar 2018 To reduce the drag on the throttle shafts, without using oversize reamers to enlarge the bushings, I had to find a way to improve the bushing  2 Jan 2014 The basic problem here is that the original throttle shaft bushings, cast into the aluminum body of the carbs, are brass, the same material as the  SU carbs are completely stripped to bare aluminum, cleaned, inspected, blasted to in 1998, we gave up on oversized throttle shafts and line honed bushings. 95. Appearance and contents may vary from photo. Work for many models, excellent photos and dimensions provided. 00+. Without needles, order needles below. HS6 Stub Stack - 50mm. Holds the long manifold throttle pivot shaft in place. More air means higher RPMs. Throttle shaft bushing, su hs/hif carburetors. This can be done in your home shop without benefit if a drill press. Add to compare. Hitachi Carburetor Parts In order to reduce the download time, and hence the time that you spend waiting for all the data and images to download, we have reduced the maximum number of items per page to 24. Never had an issue. Soak parts long enough to soften and remove all foreign material. At Carb Junky’s each carburetor is rebuilt or restored individually insuring the authenticity of each individual component. Hole, Holley, 4150/4160/4150 HP/4500 HP, Each. Customers Also Viewed Quick view Add to Cart SU Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Reamer. 5mm shafts made and line bore the journals to accept it. net Accessories for all types of carbs, Air Cleaners, Adaptors, Filters, ETC. 1964-> $8. Mar 25, 2020 · Because our carburetors didn’t exhibit any throttle shaft wear, we didn’t need to have them rebuilt. Just take your time, use your head, and be careful. SU dashpots available as highly polished or original 'dull shine'; Steel linkage replated and polished; All SU carburetors include new throttle shafts and bushings. $349. One is to replace only the shafts. Linkage Quadrajet Rods Rochester 4bbl carburetors 4 barrel Q-Jet - Carburetor Parts & Kits for Rochester, Carter, Holley, Edelbrock, Ford Motorcraft QJet, 4G, 2G, Mercarb Marine, AFB, AVS Thermo-Quad Carburetors 30 Mar 2016 Joe Curto talks how to Install Bushings and Shafts into SU H Type Carburetorfor more info: www. Throttle Shaft Rebushing or Carb Rethreading : We bush throttle shafts in most carbs primary and secondary shafts Get the best deals on Carburetor Parts for 1965 Throttle Shaft Bushing URO Parts 90142322700 Uni-Syn Carburetor Synchronizer/Carb Synchronizing/Balancing Tool Complete Carbureter Rebuild Rebushing carburetor bodies and fitting new throttle shafts is a major part of a proper carb rebuild that is often overlooked. Retro-Motive Carb Linkage Clips for Throttle Cable at Carb (Qty-10 Clips) #852. British Superior is internationally recognized for its expertise in S. Another "bushing" is temporarily placed in position on the throttle shaft for reference. 97) Cvr products billet throttle return spring bracket(US $51. At full, constant throttle and maximum RPM's, the only significant factor affecting fuel mixture will be the fuel flow, as the venturi size is fixed by the design of the carburetor. A small amount of leakage can be tolerated, the car just won't idle as evenly. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 5/16" Bushing to . MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): AUD2424. 24. Carburetor throttle shaft busing, . and Zenith Stromberg carburetors. Sold Per: Each 10 Oct 2017 Worn throttle spindles cause erratic performance from your carb and sometimes the housing gets worn--These are the bushes to repair worn  #1. As mentioned by another, stop before you reach the carb bore, or you will need a  26 Apr 2010 Re: SU Throttle shaft Bushings. Genuine SU. Limy Sami. As air is allowed to pass the shaft the mixture changes as the shaft opens, etc. SU Carb Parts: New parts installed: Throttle shafts & throttle shaft bushings (Brass Oil-Lite) “Not Teflon Lined”, throttle valves/discs, New floats NOT included, float valves, pins & levers, jet tubes, jet bearing kits, metering needles, air piston return springs, dampers, suction chamber & float bowl retaining screws & all seals & gaskets. General. If journals in the throttle body are worn more than 0. Description SU Throttle shaft bushing 120-130 posted by Chris Noyes on Wed Sep 4 17:43 CST 2002 Author: [ PROFILE ] [ EVERY POST ] [ THREADS ] [ BEST POSTS ] [ IGNORE ALL POSTS ] [ RELATED ] Accelerator Linkage - Rear Carb Slave Shaft - 1965-1968 $15. GUARANTEED PRODUCTS! the price listed is for each unit. Carburetors: 65: BALL-JOINT END, throttle link Knurled SU Idle Screw Kit Carburetor Accessories : Find the best price We can price match in most cases on these brands CALL 253-833-4106 sales@carbs. Volvo has a kit, consisting of throttle plates, shafts and bushings, just for this purpose. As I mentioned, most carburetors wear the throttle body and while not a simple process, re-bushing the throttle body on these carburetors is very doable as long as you have the required tools, like reamers and good drill bits. If you do. 89) Easy change throttle shaft bushings, HIF carbs; Fine-Tuning the MGB Carb Needles (Driveline Feb. Longacre 52-32700 Standard Carb Throttle Linkage Kit, 23-1/4. Has anyone ever used the "Oversized" Throttle Shafts offered by  I bought a pair of H2 carbs for it and the throttle shafts are definitely loose. As well, the angle of the shaft directly controls the idle speed without any annoying "dropouts" in RPM. Carburetor Linkage Bushing, Aluminum, . The below is general info about the carb remanufacturing process. US$9. The degree of wear determines which method to use. I simply made a cap to fit over that boss with the correct ID for the throttle shaft. The best online destination and local store solution for all of your Truck and Jeep off-roading needs! SU Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Reamer. Note: Care must be taken not to exceed length of the bush when machining so as to not break through into the carburetter venturi. Brand New. Whether you have a temperature compensated HIF series, the popular HS series, big bore HD8’s, or an Unless you can re-bush the carb. MG Midget Throttle shaft bushing 61-74 Apr 06, 2016 · After you've gone through the process of cleaning the interior of a carb and replacing worn fasteners, it’s time to check the condition of the carb’s throttle and choke shafts and their bushings. 99) Arp 200-2404 2 carburetor spacer stud kit 3. Throttle shaft and bushing condition are paramount to tuning an SU, and there are three common solutions for fixing worn parts. You may also like… Accelerator Shaft Bushing Kit, Nylatron, TR250-TR6, Spit MK1-3, GT6 SKU: 2651 $ 29. 94 throttle bodies don't have bushings,so you'd have to drill'em oversize,press in some bushings,and then use a reamer to finish to the right size,i used Part Number: 35-0473 HD-OEM: 27290-24Application: VL 1933-1934 EL 1936-1940 FL 1941-1965 UL 1937-1948 WL 1933-1952 Details:Nylon bushings for Linkert carburetor throttle. Please compare your old parts carefully with the ones in the picture as there are many different versions of this carburetor. This can be remedied by replacing your carbs or by reaming out your carburettor   HENKYO Throttle Shaft Bushing Repair kit Repair 5/16 Shaft Worn Carburetor 1 Reamer 8 Bushing in Coolant Recovery Bottle Caps. Showing Replacing worn SU throttle shafts and bushings is one of the dreaded tasks that LBC owners come to face early on. I replaced the jets and needles, and used slightly oversize throttle shafts from Joe Curto. Gasket, Quick Fuel and other top On most cars the accelerator pedal reaches the floor before the carburetors achieve full throttle. 00 for a three foot length. When the Holley 1940 carburetor throttle shaft gets . Washer – Bushing Cleaning Cleaning must be done with carburetor completely disassembled. The throttle slide is suspended by the diaphragm and guided by the center guide and wear is minimal. 415 OD, . Sale price $4 Carb, Mikuni 48mm Polished with Choke Cable Assy. 5 inch H4 carburetors, linkage, and control arms. Buy Throttle Shaft Bushing Repair Kit Fits DOZF 9510 Z Holley 4 barrel Carburetor shaft size 9. JEGS stocks a large supply of throttle brackets, tubes and kits from Barry Grant, Edelbrock, Holley, Lokar, Mr. BN1, BN2, Early BN4 . Keep your carburetors held on. 01) Fuel Gauge Good, Sender Unit Bad ("MGB" Sep. The best solution is to install a simply bush in the housing to return it to a proper round size! The process simply requires drilling the hole and pressing in the bushing! Carb Junky’s rebuilds and restores Autolite, Carter, Edelbrock, Holley, Marvel Schebler, Motorcraft, Pierburg, Rochester, Solex (German), Stromberg, Weber and Zenith carburetors. In fact it is a relatively simple procedure that  386-385 SU Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing Reamer|This special reamer is designed to open up worn 5/16" throttle shaft bushings to accept . There are two different seals used on the holley carburetors so match carefully. Wear in the throttle shafts, the carburetor body or in these bushings can mean a critical failure of the carburetor and make it virtually impossible to make the engine idle. Our Price: $5. body and replace the shaft, there is no fixing a worn throttle shaft. On this page you will find all currently available parts for the Solex PAI range carburetors. Price: $99. 35 ID. In fact it is a relatively simple procedure that a modestly skilled owner can accomplish using fairly common garage tools and at minimal expense. These bronze bushes take a lot of abuse over the years and the bushes become egg shaped from the spring tension of the linkage and allow air to pass behind the butterfly valve. Wiggling the shaft back-and-forth, got a little over 0. 100" jet, float needle/seat and the gaskets/seals needed to complete a comprehensive rebuild. Show. SU HD8. 5 turns out from all the way in out to get off-idle performance acceptable. Take a  4 May 2017 I had a 2002 R1150RT with worn throttle shafts/bushings. Bushing – Jet Orifice 23. Gents, I noticed the other day, after having started my '62 CJ-5 F-134 to let it run and turn the wheels (while it sits on the jackstands, and I await my brake lines that are on back order and 30 days out)that when the engine is shut down, I can see a very small amount of fuel leaking out where the throttle valve shaft penetrates the carburetor body on both sides. Type H and HS SU carbs always need to be rebushed. Elaborare magazine tratta il tuning con i suggerimenti su come modificare l'assetto, il motore, la carrozzeria dell'auto e tutti gli elementi interessati alle performances. Seal (outer) – Compensating Valve 10. 9506757663297. These components have taken the most wear in the past due to the constant surging of air and fuel as well as operator adjustments. This thing could use some work! The SU HS4's on my 71 had a throttle shaft leak, and I needed a replacement until I could re-bush the shafts; so I decided to clean these HIF4's up. S. Valve Assembly – Compensating 9. If you use mikes on the throttle shaft, it is only out of spec in one place, and if you use a gauge pin on the bushing, they will be in spec, except for the gouge on the bottom of the bushing. All though it is normal for the shafts to pivot; you shouldn't be able to lift them STRAIGHT UP and DOWN. Sale price $418   5 Jan 2017 As I mentioned, most carburetors wear the throttle body and while not a simple process, re-bushing the throttle body on these carburetors is very  S. 95 For Edelbrock Performer & Thunder Series Step Up Spring Assortment 5 Pairs PLUS Rod Retaining Springs Oct 13, 2020 · Offered for sale is a pair of 1. Carburetor 5/16 Throttle Shaft Bushing Repair Kit 8 Bushings 16 Screws Reamer Our Price: $38. 386-385 . 60 $19. All parts of both carburetors move freely. View Profile have a litle more time I would like to put an SU carb on her. As air filter systems have improved, we've seen less of shaft leaks as an issue - very rare in fact. One is to replace only the shafts . Some people make their own bushings ztherapy in salem/oregon completely repairs/rebuilds them. Installation is easy, original Stromberg carburetors require no modifications, simply add an additional carburetor and a Good Parts triple intake manifold kit. Sep 21, 2020 · Throttle shaft and bushing condition are paramount to tuning an SU, and there are three common solutions for fixing worn parts. Here is a simple procedure for doing the job. OUTER DIAMETER 10MM. It is intended for the early SU H2. Checking the shaft and body clearance is a simple matter of wiggling the shafts up and down. carb set, su hs6 ; lid rear float chamber ; bushing, throttle shaft ; jet lever link ; link, jet lever ; clevis pin, 3/16 x 7/16 ; Sudco Carburetor Needle Shims For Keihin Carbs - 009-396 Part #: 173689 Mfg Part #: 009-396 $ 27. There was space for this on the throttle shaft outside of the carb. tall holley 5 1/8 in. Either way it's junk as you can't buy just the shafts. I rate the boring bar as a big success! I will likely be using it on all my 5/16″ throttle shaft bushings in the future. Worn throttle spindles cause erratic performance from your carb and sometimes the housing gets worn--These are the bushings to repair worn carbs when replacing spindles for HS4 carbs. Before proceeding to synchronize your carburetors and for best results, some preparation is in order. SUPERIOR PARTS, SUPERIOR SERVICE. 015" thick teflon sheet into approx 3/8" by 1" rectangles and rolling them into a loop. Apr 23, 2016 · Yes had the same throttle shaft issues with my SU Carbs on my 62 Tri-Carb Healey 3000. We produce quality kits and components as well as comprehensive restoration and rebuilding services that are top in the industry. Parts Page for Aluminum Zenith Carburetors. This is largely due to excessive play created by wear of the accelerator linkage components. hs6 su carburetor tr4a. SOLEX/WEBER/DELLORTO CARBURETTOR BUSHING. 00; Accelerator Linkage Set, Triple Stromberg, TR250, TR6 SKU: 1830 $ 179. 1" oversize. Using the elevating pin, raise the piston in each carb and ensure that it falls freely onto the bridge when released. 5mm so once a 5mm shaft is split for throttle plate installation the shaft would be too thin to secure the pinch screws and it would bend during operation. All SU carburetors include new throttle shafts and bushings. Su Carburetors (joe Curto) "piloted Reamers" Mg, Jag, Sprite, Mini, Ah, Td on THE STOCK DIAMETER THROTTLE SHAFT BUSHINGS ON SU CARBURATORS. (see the attached cutaway carb). Jul 21, 2015 · Vacuum leaks on the intake manifold are common, but another common issue is worn throttle shaft (43), uh, bushings? Anyway, the carb body wears where the shaft goes through the carb and you get a vacuum leak there. It is not designed to ream out existing brass or bronze bushings. I USED IT FOR INSTALLING 4 BUSHINGS ON 2 SU H 1. The ends of the brass screws are "staked" in place with a waffle punch. From Afco to Edelbrock, Lokar to Weiand, we stock only the top quality throttle systems that you crave. Description: SU HD8. This reamer does not come with instructions. Body), h, hs, hif carburetors, zenith-stromberg. 010" oversize throttle shafts. No need to remove the lever from  SU carbs wear out where the throttle shafts meet the carb body. jack vines I had to rebush the throttle shafts on the Japan Knock off SU's on my 1969 Datsun Roadster. Then clamped the carb bodies (one at a time) to the lathe bed, and used the lathe's DTI against the throttle shaft. I understand the issues of air leaks on the throttle shafts. It requires careful reaming, or drilling with both ends of the throttle shaft bushings lining up. Ideally, all air going into the carb should be regulated by movement of the throttle butterfly- but this has to be mounted on a spindle and thus there is always the possibility that air could be drawn in along the line of the spindle shaft, between spindle and its bore regardless of the butterfly position. Even brand-new ones need rebushing. 99) Harley Davidson 25593-52, 1952-56 Sportster, K Model, Pinion Gear Shaft Bushing $ 31. Do not prolong soaking in carburetor cleaner Genuine Part # AUD3080 (372-545) - Bushing, throttle shaft (in carb. Description. Holley 20-37 throttle lever stud 7/32" stud universal each(US $6. please indicate the length of the bushes required at the time of the payment. Jim No need for a drill press, special bits or complicated jigs - the Zako ATS throttle shaft repair kit lets you ream out the throttle body and install new bushings perfectly, every time! Each kit comes with bushings for five carbs or throttle bodies. To truly rebuild SU carbs, you must send them to an expert; replacing those throttle shaft bushings requires specialized equipment. If you don't, this could cause all sorts of problems including vacuum leaks, stalling, bucking, poor idle, emission problems, sticky throttle blades, TPS adjustment problems. Reassemble throttle spindle and disc assembly fitting spindle seals supplied in the service kit. 04) Fuel Pump Grounding ("MGB" Apr. Synchronization of Twin SU HS-type Carburetors. Triumph TR-6 Zenith-Stromberg We also rebuild carbs on Aston Martin Austin A- 55, 850, RE-BUSHING ONLY- Re-bushing and New Throttle Shaft - $115/each. 5mm ball bearing assembly will tap onto the shaft, then fit in the recess for the seal ( remove the seal). Two required per carburetor. The english love to include extra parts on everything and in this case attach extra shafts and at various angles then setting them into multiple bored holes thoughout the throttle body housing, The Germans on the other hand, just like to use 1 bore one shaft. Skinner's Union (SU) Carb Remanufacturing Service #1 SU Remanufacturer in the world for Datsun "SU" carbs. Part Number: MRG-1512 a) depending on the condition of your carbs, you may need to go richer than that. 00 Related products. We now use ball bearings to prevent sticky throttle shafts. UOM: 1 - SET Material: Nylon Country of Origin: Imported Aug 27, 2012 · The rebuild kit came with new throttle flaps and shafts. Replacement parts available separately: #4311 - 10 pack of throttle shaft bushings #4212 - 20 pack of Quadrajet throttle shaft screws. My wife's L24/E88/SU, with worn-out throttle shaft bushings, has to be set at about 3. …IH # 372983R92, IH # 372985R91, IH # 372985R92, TSX730, TSX827 Premium carburetor repair kits include:* throttle shaft* throttle plate * choke shaft * choke plate* choke return spring* throttle shaft packing * metering nozzle * brass plugs* float pin * stainless needle and seat * fuel inlet elbow… MGC spare parts: Fuel System from LBCarCo. 94) R2c performance air flow director open 2 in. Shaft diameter is . At that point you could see if there is enough metal around the throttle shaft hole if you had to drill it and install a bushing. Sort By. From United States Check the throttle shaft slop- this is the most common place for wear on an SU, and is often where air/vacumn leaks occur. 03-AUD2424 BUSHING, TEFLON THROTTLE SHAFT Alternate Part Number SU HD8 Carburetor Teflon Throttle Shaft Bushing AUD2424. Superdry Jet Bearing Kit. Bracket, Throttle Cable. Carb. SU Carb - Bushings / Throttle Shafts. Reaming or machining the carb body is necessary to fit the bushings, but this will allow a worn body to perform like new. Automotive Datsun 1600 Intake Manifold Bushings. Qty: photos description The bottom line is that the fuel leaking out of the throttle shaft is probably due to the carburetor flooding. carb rebld kit 150 zs ; gasket, air filter to carb ; cap and damper assy ; cap and damper assy ; diaphragm 150cd ; air piston spring 150cd ; chamber cover screw ; jet metering needle ; jet needle, adjustable, 44a ; jet needle, 45q ; jet needle, 45k ; jet needle, 45r ; disc, throttle ; screw, throttle disc to shaft Get discount prices, fast shipping and ultimate product help when shopping for Toyota Land Cruiser Carburetors, Intake Manifolds, and Throttle Body at 4 Wheel Parts. Teflon Accelerator Shaft Bushing Set. 89) Easy change throttle shaft bushings, HIF carbs; Fine-Tuning the MGB Carb Needles (Driveline Feb. Each float chamber has its aluminum 'AUC 784' tag, as shown in the photos. Gift Certificates; Request A Catalog Service kit for the Solex 40 DDFT carburetors as used on the Volkswagen K70. SU® Carburetor and Parts 2002 R1150RT throttle shafts were worn, at the cable side bushings; except for 3mm, where the shaft seal is in a recess in the exterior of the throttle body. $15. The instructions were still greek to me, but armed with a six pack of beer I decided to attack the beasts. All using Holley R4111 or R8554 carburetor (Ford part number C7NN9510A or D8NN9510CA). Designed for 5/16 throttle shaft repair. BRASS. Carburetor Parts. 3 different lengths;8mm,10mm,20mm. This is a NOS SU throttle shaft TS1250. Kit includes: 8 brass bushings, 16 screws and one reverse-cut piloted reamer for proper shaft alignment. FYI, the outboard shaft seals are different. C $29. As a guidline 0. Dec 19, 2016 · The throttle shaft is 6,94 mm. They don't address the throttle shaft leaks, so generally if there is high mileage, the throttle shaft leaks. Mar 03, 2018 · These particular bushings came out working very well; I think they’re the best aligned bushings I’ve ever done, and the throttle shafts work very smoothly, with no binding at all. Set of 2. I think they On my old Volvo SU carbs I used delrin to make new bushings. Parts We Have For Aluminum Zenith Carburetors: Below is an exploded view of the aluminum 68-Series Zenith Carburetor, followed by a chart indicating the part number and name of each part we offer for sale. One has a straight shaft accelerator pump. As well gold cadmium plating and polishing can be added to any SU rebuild. 07 $10. 99 shipping. thanks Tim 12-18-2016, 11:17 AM #2. Some links to pieces/parts mentioned in video:Harbor  Replacing worn SU throttle shafts and bushings is one of the dreaded tasks that LBC owners come to face early on. Your carburetors should be in peak condition with no play in the throttle shaft bushings. But when the butterfly is opened, the throttle shaft can move back and forth a bunch before either the butterfly or the linkage bits hit the carb body. Buy a Carb Junky’s carburetor; the quality experts. su carb throttle shaft bushings

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